Creative Ways to Use Your Office White Board

The office white board, or dry erase board, is a staple of meetings and group collaboration. It may sit in a corner or be mounted in a conference room, but have you stopped and thought about all the potential for creativity it allows? Here are a few creative ways to use your office white board:

Make the Whole Wall a White Board

Dry erase paint is available in white and clear varieties, so your white board can just as easily be an eye-catching turquoise board. Creating your own with paint means that you can completely control and customize the size and shape. Why not make one that looks like your company’s logo?

Add Some Magnetism

Likewise, magnetic paint is one quick trip to the home improvement store away these days. You can make yourself a custom sized and shaped, any color magnetic whiteboard by simply layering your paints. This makes it so easy to create a multimedia installation. You can use magnets to hang fabric samples, photographs, printouts of mockups, or anything else you may need to meet about. Even better, the items are quickly and easily moved around on the board. Just imagine the possibilities for teams that collaborate on workflows or storyboards.

Snap a Pic

We all love the fact that a dry erase board is temporary, but it’s not such a wonderful feature when your colleagues spend the majority of your meeting time frantically taking notes to capture everything they need for later before it gets erased. Take a photo of your board during the meeting, and then upload these and share them with everyone digitally. This is extra amazing when you have teammates that weren’t able to make the meeting or who might have been attending via speakerphone or Skype. There are some great online archiving tools out there like Evernote that may make this process even easier.

A Calendar that Works with You

If your whole team needs to keep a group calendar in mind, considering trying a large dry erase version on the office wall. This can be great for keeping deadlines in mind, or keeping up with changing schedules. You can use fun bright tape to create your lines for extra design points.

Keep your eyes peeled for ways to shake up the ways you use your existing tools in the workplace! Sometimes the most useful office supply is one that you already had, but weren’t using the best way possible.