Perfect Gifts for Boss’s Day

Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Boss’ Day in 1958 in an effort to show appreciation for the hard work of bosses. Show your boss you know and appreciate what they do with a gift of thanks! Here are some great ideas:

A cool coffeemaker

If the boss is a coffee snob and doesn’t have a beautiful pour-over funnel, she probably wants one. Same goes for a great French press. And it’s present for you too: A caffeinated boss is a happy boss.

A sophisticated business card holder

This chic business card holder pays your boss’s cards the respect they deserve. You can pick and choose from various colors, patterns, metals, and even have one monogrammed for a personal touch.

A classy mug

Few offices have Mad-Men–level cocktail hours, but you can help your boss live the fantasy with this set of mugs. Made of hammered copper and lined with nickel, they’re luxe, classy, and impressive.

A mini Bluetooth speaker

Music soothes the stressed-out boss, and maybe his favorite podcast does too. You can find a variety of small Bluetooth speakers that deliver high-def sound for less than $25.

Soothing low maintenance plants

Giving a plant that requires regular watering and demanding sunlight and shade arrangements can be a pain, and not exactly a way to give the boss any relaxation. But succulents sit on a desk looking great with minimal maintenance, especially when they’re in an eye-catching container.

Create a thank you video

This last one is personal, extremely thoughtful, and absolutely free. We all have the ability to create a short video in our pockets – most phones have great quality video cameras! Wait until the boss is out one day, and then walk around and the team record very short thank you messages to her. Then upload it to YouTube, setting the video to private if you wish.

On bosses day, post the link to your intranet or company chat – she will love the thought that went into it, and will no doubt look back fondly at this video for a long time to come.