Perfect Gifts for Administrative Professional’s Day

What would any of us do without our administrative assistant? Without the tireless work of administrative professionals, offices would surely fall apart. This holiday, formerly known as Secretaries’ Day, is all about showing thanks for their great contributions. It falls on Wednesday of the last full week of April each year, so mark your calendar now to pick out a thoughtful gift for the people in your office who make life easier for everyone!

Here are some fun gift ideas:

Coffee or Tea? A beautiful teapot or coffee press is always a welcome gift in the office. Bonus points for pairing it with a lovely cup or mug that she or he can enjoy during a well-deserved break.

Give the gift of hydration. There are tons of great choices of reusable metal or glass bottles that are perfect for carrying water, coffee, or tea. The insulation will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, and the leak-proof tops make them a convenient mess-free travel companion.

A digital picture frame allows the user to upload photo files from a memory card or flash drive and turn them into an automated slideshow, allowing them to fit more pictures of their loved ones and pets on their desk at work.

Computer glasses. Why not help your assistant look like the genius they are, and protect their eyeballs at the same time? Shop for some helpful screen readers that can increase their protection from blue light by 53%, plus reduce their odds of getting Computer Vision Syndrome.

A massage, preferably at a spa. Bonus points if you book it for him or her, during an afternoon off from the office.

A gift certificate to a restaurant, hotel, or play your admin can attend with their partner.

While you definitely should take the time on this day to show your gratitude toward your support staff, you shouldn’t save up an entire year’s worth for that one day. A constant show of respect and gratitude year-round for jobs well done is worth a thousand bouquets.